An entire research mile will be presented at the Maritime Week on the Weser. The state of Bremen is a strong location for science and from 24. - 29.9. all sorts of things to discover on the lower Weser.

Curious? Willing to experiment? Exactly those are right here!

On the research mile on the Schlachteufer, maritime research and science institutes present themselves and invite you to experiments and hands-on activities in small pagoda tents. Small junior researchers are particularly welcome here. Research results are exhibited and presented here in a playful and entertaining way. But even those who prefer to watch from the outside and have questions are cordially invited to visit the renowned research landscape. Either way, the research mile will awaken the spirit of research because the topics range from secrets from the depths of the oceans to autonomous mobility.

The exhibitors provide answers to current global questions and provide information about new findings and research results. The scientists in Bremen and Bremerhaven also comment on exciting tasks that they will encounter either as part of their work or in the future.