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Monday, September 26th, 2022, bookstore Franz Leuwer, Am Wall 171

7:00 p.m.: Karsten Ellebrecht: “You no longer have a name here!”

Lecture on the history of the subcamp on the site of the former Weserstrandpark Bahrsplate in Bremen Blumenthal.


Tuesday 9/27/22, Hal Över ship at the battle

6 p.m.: Ian Watson and Elke Marion Weiß: Well-rehearsed – a program that focuses on Bremen

As not only not being born in Bremen, but not even being German, the Irish author Ian Watson takes a lovingly ironic look at his second home on the Weser in his book “Bremen erlesen”. Having financed this “pretty, dingy, lovable Free Hanseatic City of Bremen” with his taxes almost with his own hands for more than 40 years, he is entirely entitled and capable of revealing the secrets of this all too often undervalued city. And Watson's "Playgrounds - A Football Migration" with its cultural-historical comparisons is not only a must for Werder fans.


7:30 p.m.: Andreas Mundt: My dear little flower – a Bremen crime thriller of a special kind

A criminal ex-cop and his demented accomplice are up to mischief in Bremen. They come across a Nazi whom everyone loves, a vegan punk, a Syrian professor who hardly understands a word of German and a fox who is missing an eye.

In this special Bremen thriller, the author Andreas Mundt presents us with strange characters, an absurd plot and finally a surprising ending. The perfect crime read for people who don't really like crime fiction.


Wednesday, 9/28/22, Alexander von Humboldt

6 p.m.: Anja Ulbig and Gesa Schwarze: 5 minutes nasty - entertaining short crime stories from Bremen

It's fun to be mean. And you can do it even better with two people! At least that is the opinion of the two Bremen authors Gesa Schwarze and Anja Ulbig. So they give free rein to their malice in 40 short stories that take place in Bremen and the surrounding area. They intrigue, cheat and murder with relish - the ideal world and happy endings have no place in their stories.

Accompany the two authors on their chilling forays through Bremen and discover some scenes on their doorstep that you should avoid in the future... Of course, you can still laugh: the main thing is that the humor is black!


7:30 p.m.: Reinhard Sturm: Brönner’s funeral

Bremen in autumn. The police boat LESMONA fishes a dead body out of the Lesum. The man was tortured and shot in the head before his death. He is identified as Mirko Schubert, deputy head of the Bremen BAMF branch. The deed looks like the work of professional killers, but nobody can explain who could have an interest in Schubert's death. The murder investigators around Chief Inspector Bernhard Langer and Inspector Sandra Scholz initially follow the wrong leads.

Meanwhile, private detective Thomas Brönner is asked for personal protection by an old client, for whom he never wanted to work again, but to whom he feels a moral obligation. Reluctantly, especially since the client does not want to say who and why he feels threatened, he accepts the assignment for three days.

Brönner has no idea what kind of unscrupulous opponents he is up against and ends up in the devil's kitchen. To make matters worse, he puts his partner Julia Conradi in danger again... Reinhard Sturm reads from the second volume of the entertaining crime series about the Bremen private detective Thomas Brönner.


Thursday 9/29/22, Hal Över Schiff at the Schlachte

6 p.m.: Manfred Menzel: Black frost, blistering heat and tropical storms – stories from a captain’s diary

In 1969 he was Germany's youngest captain and commanded his ships with enthusiasm and determination.

In his exciting travel reports, Manfred Menzel tells of the crews and ships that he captained between 1969 and 1977. He reports with expertise, North German directness and great humor about dangerous storm trips and black frost, about extreme heat and weeks of drinking water shortages, about threateningly close icebergs and about the hard work on oil rig suppliers. He describes his adventurous crossings of unexplored sea areas with insufficiently mapped coasts, of free navigation according to the sun, moon and stars, of accidents, accidents and complicated salvage of stranded ships, of courageous divers and unqualified officers, of refugees and deserters, of illegal weapons on board, corrupt port authorities and stowaways, prostitution and alcohol.


7:30 p.m.: Jan Brünjes: The Teufelsmoor Saga, Part 1: The Red Gerd

Since the very beginning, numerous stories about inexplicable phenomena and legendary figures have been circulating in Teufelsmoor. The Legend of Red Gerd is one of them.

In this reading you will learn everything about the notorious smuggler who is said to have sunk in the moor with his peat boat and who was still up to mischief in the devil's moor as a ghost. But is that really true?

Accompany the Red Gerd on his smuggling trips to the Findorffer Torfschiffhafen. Hear all about his game of cat and mouse with Bailiff Cornelius and Moor Inspector Erasmus Castell. What is the role of the Black Vogt and the beautiful Isabella? And what do Jan van Moor, Birte and a golden spade have to do with the whole thing?

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Scientific Lecture Series

The program for the scientific lecture series will follow shortly...

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