Am Wall & Schüsselkorb

The streets Schüsselkorb, Museumstrasse and Bischofsnadel link the pedestrian zone and Domshof to the exclusive, mostly owner-managed shops and galleries on Am Wall.

Anyone looking for something special has come to precisely the right place in this quarter. In any case you should take the time for a leisurely stroll. Numerous shops specialized in fashion, from lingerie and porcelain to jewellers and delicatessens, are lined up next to one another in an ideal location.

Here you will also find Bremen’s centre for outdoor needs with Timberland and Jack Wolfskin on Schüsselkorb as well as two Unterwegs stores, at Domshof and in the extension of Violenstrasse. The selection is rounded off by inviting restaurants, cafés and bars on Am Wall with a view of the green Wallanlagen.

Facts of interest

  • The name “Schüsselkorb” comes from the Low German word “Schüttkoven”. In the Middle Ages the stray (lost) cattle from Bürgerweide were kept here in a shed (Koven) until they were picked up by the legal owner.
  • “Knurrhahn” on Schüsselkorb is the oldest fish restaurant in the city. Its snacks like fish & chips, fish rolls, fish cakes and daily menus can also be recommended.
  • Wallanlagen, the park area across from the shopping boulevard Am Wall, is an oasis of tranquillity. More than two hundred years ago Bremen’s fortifications stood here. When they became superfluous, they gave way to a place for recreation and culture.