Around the marketplace

The Bremen Roland symbolizes freedom and market rights. The Town Hall in Weser Renaissance style dating from the late Middle Ages is still intact. They are both part of the UNESCO World Heritage. But the bronze Bremen Town Musicians are the “secret” landmark here.

Other sights are St. Petri Dom and Haus der Bürgerschaft, where Bremen’s state parliament meets. Böttcherstrasse was built by Ludwig Roselius and designed by architects Runge and Scotland and sculptor Bernhard Hoetger. A carillon of Meissen porcelain bells chimes three times a day while wooden panels depict pioneering seafarers and aviators.

Nearby is Bremen’s oldest street, Langenstrasse. The most beautiful edifice is the 16th century Stadtwaage where traders had to weigh their goods.

Facts of interest

  • The distance between Roland’s knees is exactly a Bremen ell, or 55.372 cm, formerly a unit of measure
  • In summer 2016 the roof of the Bremen Town Hall was replaced with copper plates that will turn green again in about 20 years
  • The oldest wine cask in Germany is in the Bremen Ratskeller