Domshof- & Katharinen-Passage

Under the glass roofs that connect Domshof to Sögestrasse you can shop in an exclusive setting come rain or shine. Here you will find shoes, clothing, bags, jewellery and stationery of the highest quality and with a selection that matches the upmarket flair of the architecture. Small bistros, cafés and restaurants that excite the hearts of gourmets are the perfect place for a break in between.

Facts of interest

  • In mediaeval times Katharinenkloster was situated at the site of the Katharinen-Passage. At the StadtWIRT restaurant you can now eat and hold celebrations in the restored cloister and refectory.
  • Katharinenstrasse not only links the two malls, but also runs past the redesigned Bremer Landesbank to the lovely Flower Market around Liebfrauenkirche at Unser Lieben Frauen Kirchhof.