Pedestrian zone

Pedestrian zone

For many visitors to Bremen the Old Town starts at the famous group of pigs at the beginning of the Sögestrasse pedestrian zone. The shopping streets Wall, Schüsselkorb and Knochenhauerstrasse, offering an exquisite mix of boutiques and fashion shops, branch off from here. Only a few steps away you enter the covered Katharinen-Passage on the left and from there Domshof-Passage. Here you’ll find shops and cafés that give the Hanseatic city an urban flair with their high-quality products.

On the opposite side is the entrance to LLOYD PASSAGE. Here you can enjoy shopping even in typical Bremen weather since the big department stores have an entrance on the covered mall side. The end of Sögestrasse is also the beginning of Obernstrasse, the longest shopping street in downtown Bremen and the core of the pedestrian zone, which also includes Pieperstrasse, Papenstrasse, Hanseatenhof and Ansgarikirchhof.

The Ansgari Quarter is a nice place to linger: temporary gardens and sandboxes as well as the attractive lighting in winter lend the setting new splendour.

Facts of interest

  • Sögestrasse is one of the oldest streets in the city. “Söge”, meaning sow or pig, so the street recalls the swineherds that used to drive their pigs along here to Bürgerweide.
  • In the Middle Ages Sögestrasse was the home of many bakers and beer brewers while butchers were based in Knochenhauerstrasse.