Along the Weser

“To see and be seen” is the motto on Weser Promenade Schlachte. Cafés, restaurants, beer gardens and the Bremen Casino are popular in the evening while boats offer tours during the day. You can sleep on hotel ships, watch comedies on the theatre ship and have a meal on the Pannekoekschip and the Alexander von Humboldt. Enjoy the maritime Kajenmarkt with live music from April to September.

In the Stephani quarter farmers offer their products at the weekly market. Pay a visit to the former Bamberger department store and the Münchhausen roasting house. Across the river in Neustadt you can see constellations at Olbers Planetarium or the nearby sea rescue boats.

Facts of interest

  • “Schlachte” stems from the Low German word “Slait” for the reinforcement of the Weser bank where Hanseatic cogs docked in the 13th century.
  • The oldest piece of the Bremen town wall can be seen in the Überfluss Hotel.