From the Roland statue you can get to Überseestadt along the Schlachte promenade on foot in only 25 minutes. Trendy restaurants, hotels and theatres have located between Weser Tower and the “Coffee Quarter”. An attractive area for strolling has been created in the midst of a maritime setting around the new Europahafen and marina. Chic retail shops, hip restaurants, a distillery, a silversmith and the GOP Varieté-Theater have located next to the marina. And a free visit to Schuppen Eins, the centre for automobile culture and mobility, is worthwhile for fans of vintage cars.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the history of the Bremen ports should pay a visit to Speicher XI, classified as a historical monument, with the Harbour Museum in Holz- and Fabrikenhafen. The Infocenter Überseestadt, in which a model illustrates the master plan, is also located here.

Facts of interest

  • Bremen’s Überseehafen and Europahafen were general cargo harbours dating from the 19th century. In Bremen 1964 marked the beginning of the period of container ships that required more space and led to the closing of the harbours.
  • Today Überseestadt is the most important development project in the city and a very trendy area.