More activities at the HOEG CitySommerFest


In addition to the music enjoyment, the walking acts and the many offers for feasting, the HOEG CitySommerFest offers other activities for the summer mood in Bremen City. Look forward to additional showtime - whether on the stages, on the streets or in the air!
At the HOEG CitySommerFest, party fun in the open air is not neglected.

Poetry Slam: Slammer Filet

As part of the HOEG, the Slammer Filet invites you to fireworks of word acrobatics on the Domshof stage. On Saturday, July 2nd, moderator and slam veteran Sebastian Butte will welcome stars of the North German poetry slam scene for an hour and a half from 1:30 p.m., who will fight for the audience's favor with their contributions.

A poetry slam is a modern poetry competition in which the audience forms the jury and decides on victory and defeat. The focus, however, is on literature and performance itself, which is presented in a more varied and dynamic way than at almost any other live literature event.



As part of the HOEG Summer Festival, slackliners will cross the Domshof in Bremen at a height of around 18 m on a 100 m long slackline (2.5 cm wide and stretchable fabric). The line is anchored on one side in the roof of the Bremen town hall, while on the other side the market hall building is used for anchoring.

In the period between Wednesday afternoon and Monday evening, the acrobats can very often be admired from the Domshof, the acrobats are guaranteed to be seen during the HOEG City Summer Festival on Friday and Saturday between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. During this period, different artists will balance across the line and sometimes also perform tricks in the form of so-called 'freestyle tricks'. You are secured to the line with a climbing harness, so nobody can fall off.

In order to top off this spectacle, a second, much shorter line will probably be stretched between the roofs of the two cathedral towers at a height of around 80m. This makes it by far the highest line that has ever been stretched in Bremen.

This project is implemented by Slacklining Bremen eV in cooperation with the City-Initiative Bremen Werbung eV.