Optimally networked

In the interest of downtown Bremen - The CityInitiative

Informing, networking, shaping – this triad defines the most important areas of responsibility of CityInitiative since its founding. The goal of this approach is to promote communication between the local players in the city centre, lend an ear to their wishes and represent their interests.

To implement these objectives, CityInitiative gets involved in urban planning development for downtown Bremen since the practical know-how of the members makes it possible to provide the responsible bodies with important arguments that the bodies take into account in their planning.

Such successful events as "Shopping Sundays", "Long shopping nights" and the "Maritime Week on the Weser" enhance the attractiveness of the city centre. The use of marketing instruments like the CityGuide arouses public interest in downtown Bremen. The image campaign with the city centre magazine "Mittendrin" has been running since autumn 2012, the magazine is to appear at least four times a year and thus continuously provide information on what's going on in downtown Bremen.

CityInitiative currently has 180 members. This figure alone shows that Bremen's city centre is pulling together and constantly making efforts to jointly further its development. All members elect from their midst an executive board every two years.

Strong quarters

Management for the location

The CS City-Service GmbH

As a subsidiary of CityInitiative, CS City-Service GmbH operates with a site-specific focus. On behalf of the local community groups Ansgari Quartier as well as Sögestrasse, LLOYD PASSAGE GbR, Schlachte Marketing and, as of 2017, Walldach GbR, we organize events and perform all management tasks that are important for smooth operations in the quarter and in the mall.

Thanks to our fields of competence - from cleanliness and security to event organization right through to public relations - the subsidiary handles specific tasks for the local community groups and marketing associations, giving them more time for creative design on site.

BID Ansgari Quartier, LLOYD PASSAGE, Schlachte Marketing, BID Sögestraße and Walldach

5 local community groups - 1 goal

Even though the downtown districts have different requirements, they all have the same goal: remaining attractive for their visitors. CS City-Service GmbH supports them in this undertaking.

Ansgari Quartier

CS GmbH is the agency responsible for coordinating implementation of the goals regarding the contractually agreed site development for the BID (Business Improvement District). In the second BID phase up to 2017 the focus is on event planning and active marketing of Ansgarikirchhof. Musical performances, sandboxes for children and the green downtown gardens already enhance the location quality of the city centre for shoppers and visitors.


CS GmbH has been handling mall management for the interest group LLOYD PASSAGE GbR since 2008. The high visitor frequency is evidence that the mix of an attractive setting, fascinating events and the Mall of Fame more than meets the expectations of the public. The 250-metre-long shopping mall has proven to be a genuine magnet for visitors, not least of all because of the extravagant glass roof.

Weserpromenade Schlachte

The office of Schlachte Marketing und Service Verband (SMSV) has been integrated into CS GmbH since 2010. The maritime leisure world as well as Bremen’s well-known gastronomic and beer garden district is not only geographically an important element of the city centre, but is also organizationally closely linked to the development of downtown Bremen.


Another project of CS GmbH is management of the BID Sögestrasse on the basis of a service agreement that runs until 2017. The agency has been assigned to implement the goals for the agreed site development: security, cleanliness, greening, marketing and new Christmas lighting.


As of 2017, CS GmbH will have the opportunity of substantiating its success to date concerning inner city development by taking over management of the interest group Walldach GbR. With 50 new residents on one side of the street and the lovely Wallanlagen on the other side Walldach has enormous development potential.