The maritime festival in Bremen

With the opening of the Maritime Week in the LLOYD PASSAGE, the readings and lectures also start.

The festival weekend takes place on the Schlachteufer.

All the exact dates, times and information on the activities of the Maritime Week will be announced in the summer.



Termine / Zeiten

9.9. Opening of the Maritime Week in the LLOYD PASSAGE 15.9. - 17.9. Festival weekend at the Schlachte


Festival weekend: Schlachte Research & Science: throughout Bremen


Am Brill (Hutfilter-Obernstraße), Martinistraße, Domsheide, Am Brill (Bgm.-Schmidt-Straße), Am Brill (Martinistraße)


BREPARKhaus Pressehaus, Parkgarage ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen, Parkhaus am Markt