02. Januar 2023

Buy the BreMEHR gift voucher now and get an additional 21% free by the end of the year. The city of Bremen will continue to subsidize the BreMEHR gift voucher with 21% until the end of 2023 - only while stocks last!

Buy now and get 21% free until 31.12.2023 - while stocks last! The city of Bremen subsidizes purchases made with the new BREMEHR in the first few months with funds from the future fund inner city with 21% and thus supports the local and stationary providers in the municipality of Bremen. This means that customers can buy a voucher for 100 euros, for example, but can use it to spend 121 euros in retail, gastronomy, services or culture. This strong promotion is limited to purchases until 2023 and can be redeemed at participating shops in the municipality of Bremen until December 31, 2023. Even if the bonus balance expires, the basic balance, in the above example of 100 euros, remains valid for 3 years. The funding amount is limited to a total of 1.5 million euros. If these subsidies are spent before December 31st, 2023, “only while stocks last” applies. When redeeming a voucher with a bonus payment, the following applies: only one voucher can be redeemed per purchase and person.

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