26. Juni 2022

The Bremer Karneval e. V. is breaking new ground and on July 8th and 9th, 2022 will transform the ramparts into a spectacle of colour, music and dance for the first time. Inspired by the hope and confidence that light will always follow the long shadows, mask, samba and stilt groups, acrobats, dancers, world music DJs and other artists conjure up a diverse program to marvel at, new ones Discover perspectives, participate, enjoy and dream.
The artists and groups come from Bremen, the surrounding area and from different corners of Germany and Europe and bring culture and art from all corners of the world with them.

All utopians, fanatics, air lovers, romantics, dream dancers, sky stormers and dreamers are invited to join in the hustle and bustle and to celebrate life with us!

The motto of the 37th Bremen Carnival 2022 is: "From shadow to light" - on July 8th and 9th, 2022
For many years it has been a concern of the Bremer Karneval eV initiative with its motto
take up political and socially critical topics from current world events and for
this, through the Bremen carnival, in the most diverse forms, an artistic expression
to find.
Already with the motto "In light and shadow" of the 36th Bremen Carnival 2021, the initiative, completely dem
Following the basic idea of every carnival, the dark forces the power of light
opposite and created two magical evenings in the center of Bremen.
This year the association goes one step further with the motto "From shadow to light".
because not only the still acute, pandemic situation has been affecting you for more than two years
long shadow over our society, but above all Ukraine war leaves people
stunned, triggers fear and helplessness.
The initiative Bremer Karneval Verein e. V it is therefore to celebrate festivals of diversity and freedom in order to counter the sadness of our colourful, diverse society with all the strength it contains.

The participating artists are free to interpret the motto in many ways.


In order to be able to adapt flexibly to the pandemic situation, the spectators will be able to move freely in the ramparts. The summer carnival will take place on the paths, meadows, waters and groves of the ramparts.
The program will be just as diverse and atmospheric as these places are: there will be concerts and masked theatre, small parades and walk acts, shows and interactive activities such as dance or a circus to join in on. It will be loud and quiet, fast and slow, tender and wild and thus new perspectives will emerge around every corner,
to be discovered.


Further information at: bremer-karneval.de

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Ein toller Tag für alle Fans und Bewunderer von Polizei, Feuerwehr, Rettungsdienst und Co: Am Aktionstag „Retten.Schützen.Helfen.“ reichen sich sämtliche Bremer Blaulichtinstitutionen die helfenden Hände und geben Einblicke in ihre lebenswichtige Arbeit.
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37. Bremer Karneval

26.Juni 2022
Mit einem nie da gewesenen Bremer Sommerkarneval beschreitet die Initiative Bremer Karneval e. V. neue Wege und verwandelt am 08. und 09. Juli zum ersten Mal die Wallanlagen in ein Spektakel aus Farben, Musik und Tanz.
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Floran Wellbrock immortalizes himself in the LLOYD PASSAGE

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Urban Fun and Action Day

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On the Urban Fun and Action Day, an exciting, interactive and varied program for active kids, young people and adults awaits you at the Hanseaten- und Ansgarikirchhof.
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