09. September 2022

In cooperation with Hotel ÜberFluss, the residents of Sögestraße are organizing the Kaufmannstafel for the fourth time, as a homage to the sculpture "Pigherd and his herd", with crispy suckling pig and herder's cheese. This year there will also be a vegan dish and in the evenings music and delicious drinks will ensure the right end. So on Saturday you can enjoy it in Sögestraße, refresh yourself with a cool drink and strengthen yourself for the further shopping and discovery tour through the city of Bremen.

You can look forward to these delicacies


Classic suckling pig
French potato gratin | hearty coleslaw | homemade jus

Vegetarian truffle tortellini from the Parmesan loaf
Italian shepherd's cheese | spinach | truffle

Vegan “Potacke” curry
Two Kinds of Potatoes | Coconut curry sauce | fresh coriander


Vilsa Gourmet still 0.2l €1
Vilsa gourmet medium 0.2l €1

Fritz Kola 0.2l €2
Fritz Kola sugar-free 0.2l €2
Fritz MixMasch 0.2l €2
Fritz apple juice spritzer 0.2l €2

ÜberFluss beer 0.33l €3
Non-alcoholic beer 0.33l €2
Naturally cloudy shandy 0.33l €3

Aperol Spritz 0.2l €6
Sea Buckthorn Spritz 0.2l €5 (organic sea buckthorn, apple spritzer, thyme)
Bottle cocktail MAI TAI (rum, triple sec, lime juice, organic almond agave syrup) 0.33l €6

Groh Pinot Gris

Rheinhessen I dry 0.2l €5

big rose

Rheinhessen 0.2l €5

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Shopping + Enjoyment

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Shopping + Enjoyment

the shops are open Sunday

09.Juni 2024
As part of the "summer meadow" on the Bürgerweide, the shops in the districts Altstadt, Bahnhofsvorstadt, Ostertor, Steintor, Wall, Fedelhören and Findorff will open their doors on Sunday, August 8th, 2021.
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CMK1 24 VOS Osterwiese

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Shopping sunday

12.März 2024
The Easter meadow starts on March 22nd this year and will provide fun and variety for the whole family until April 7th, 2024. To mark this occasion, the shops and restaurants will open their doors for Sunday shopping in Bremen City on April 7th from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
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Weihnachtsbild 2022

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Christmas market in Bremen City

08.November 2022
Unforgettable Christmas market experience: The Bremen Christmas market is one of the most beautiful in Germany and certainly the most beautiful in northern Germany. With roasted almonds and mulled wine at the Christmas booths, the mood for the festival of love comes up!
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Schlachte zauber

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07.November 2022
The many wooden huts along the Weser promenade transform the Schlachte into an enchanting medieval market during these weeks. In addition to mulled wine and punch, the huts offer culinary delights and handicrafts. Here comes the real Christmas spirit!
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Sonntags Shopping

30.September 2022
Zum letzten Mal in diesem Jahr öffnen am 30. Oktober 2022 die Geschäfte in Bremen City zum Sonntags Shopping. Der Bummel durch die Bremer Innenstadt kann passenderweise mit einem Besuch auf dem Bremer Freimarkt verknüpft werden.
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Shopping + Enjoyment


09.September 2022
In cooperation with the Hotel ÜberFluss, the residents of Sögestraße are organizing the Kaufmannstafel for the fourth time, as a homage to the sculpture "Pigherd and his herd", with crispy suckling pig and vegan delicacies.
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Shoppen ohne Maske und Nachweis

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Shopping without 2G proof

04.April 2022
Effective immediately, the 2G regulation in retail will no longer apply. Proof of vaccination or proof of recovery is no longer required for access to shops in the state of Bremen.
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CityGuide Schlachte

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The new city guide

07.Dezember 2021
The City Guide 2022 - the popular shopping and adventure guide in Bremen City. It presents: shopping, culinary delights, history and culture - Bremen's city center impresses with an eventful mix of shopping, feasting and experiencing.
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Bremer Adventskalender

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The Bremen Advent Calendar in the city center

16.November 2021
In order to sweeten the waiting time until Christmas a little, the Bremen Advent Calendar is available again this year. From December 1st, 2021 there will be a nice Christmas campaign every day until Christmas for visitors to Bremen city center at changing retailers, cultural institutions and restaurateurs.
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Heimat Shoppen

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home shopping

10.September 2021
Retail, gastronomy and service providers in Bremen City make a major contribution to the local quality of life. People like to shop here and are with people who know us and what we want.
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Oldtimer Bremer City

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Classic & Delicious

30.Juli 2021
Marvel at rare vintage cars, drink a good glass of whisk(e)y or let BBQ professionals spoil you with culinary delights - together with MESSE BREMEN we invite you to the free open-air event "classic & delicious" in the city of Bremen.
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Shopping + Enjoyment

coffee gossip

10.Juli 2021
This is what a perfect Saturday looks like: First an extensive breakfast in the city, then shopping for summer accessories and later a coffee break. The trade in coffee has a long tradition in Bremen, as evidenced by the long-established cafés.
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