Even the way to Fedelhören is beautiful. From Bremen Cathedral you walk across the Domshof, through the Bischofsnadel, pass the green Wallanlagen and after just a few metres you find yourself directly in Fedelhören. Here, an exquisite mix of owner-operated shops has been presented for generations. Although the quarter is traditionally known as an antiques mile, renowned designers and artisans have long since settled here as well. Fedelhören is therefore particularly well-known among people who appreciate the individual.


Fedelhören - high-quality products and antiques

High-quality fashion, unique jewellery objects, selected antiques, special items for home and garden - the range of suggestions is endless.

French charm

In Fedelhören you can not only shop in a relaxed way and even park in front of the shops, but also sit outside in a relaxed way. The quiet little quarter with a view of the towers of Bremen Cathedral exudes French charm with its mix of exclusive shops and small eateries.