Bremen's "good parlour", that's what the people of Bremen call the area around the market square and the World Heritage Site. Right in the middle: The Roland. There are many Roland statues in Germany, but only Bremen has the most beautiful Roland. Not only the people of Bremen think so, but also UNESCO, which in 2004 designated Bremen's Roland statue, a symbol of freedom and market rights, and Bremen's town hall a World Heritage Site. The town hall was built in the Gothic style from 1405 and was given a new façade in the Weser Renaissance style by the Bremen master builder Lüder von Bentheim in the 16th century. Bremen's town hall has remained unchanged in architectural style and function for centuries and was largely undestroyed even during the Second World War.

The "secret" landmarks of the Hanseatic city stand on the west side of the town hall: the Bremen Town Musicians. Since 1953, there has been a bronze sculpture of a donkey, dog, cat and rooster by Gerhard Marcks from the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. By the way: touching the donkey's feet is said to bring good luck.

Böttcherstrasse - discover something special

The famous Böttcherstrasse leads off from the market square. Small shops with unique products invite you to take a leisurely stroll here. In 1902, coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius bought the entire street and, with the help of architects Runge and Scotland and sculptor Bernhard Hoetger, created a unique ensemble of expressionist brick architecture. Three times a day a carillon of 30 Meissen porcelain bells rings out and changing picture panels tell the story of the most famous ocean conquerors.

Langenstraße - the oldest street in transition

Right next to the market square and Böttcherstrasse is Bremen's oldest street, Langenstrasse. Next to the Kontorhaus, which houses many high-end retailers and urban restaurants and cafés, you will find the former city scales dating from the 16th century. Back then, every merchant had to have their goods weighed on the public scales, as well as pay taxes and duties. The Balgequartier is currently being built around Langenstraße and is being developed by Dr Johann Christian Jacobs