Maritime flair at night

light ride

The evening atmosphere at the Schlachte is simply unique and almost magical. In the midst of this romantic atmosphere, 120 ships from all over Bremen and the surrounding area will be sent across the Weser from the Stephanie Bridge to the Weser Stadium for the opening event. The special feature: All ships are festively lit and lovingly illuminated, bringing the most beautiful maritime night flair to the Weser that Bremen has to offer!

The ships make the Weser shine

When the sun goes down, the Schlachte shows its romantic side. During the Maritime Week and the many illuminated festival attractions on the festival weekend, this romantic flair comes into its own. The light ride on 24.09. invites you to a maritime feeling at night: lovingly illustrated and illuminated ships from Bremen and the surrounding area make the Weser shine. The spectacle can be admired from the bridges and promenades and enjoyed with a snack or a drink.

From 7.30 p.m. the ships start their journey with lights at the Stephanie Bridge and travel along the Weser to the Weser Stadium.

At 9:15 p.m., after the light ride, colorful fireworks will start. At the level of the Teerhofbrücke, a blaze of color will pop into the air and involve the Weser and the Schlachte-Ufer in a colorful play of colours.